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Science or Myth: A False Dichotomy


“Reality is everything that exists. That sounds straightforward, doesn’t it? Actually it isn’t.” Thus begins Professor Richard Dawkins’ recent  book, The Magic of Reality. In order to explain reality, Professor Dawkins takes us on a tour of modern science by contrasting its explanations with those we find in myths and fables: “These are the stories we all remember with fondness from our childhood, and many of us still enjoy when served up in a traditional Christmas pantomime—but we all know this kind of magic’s just fiction and does not happen in reality.” “This kind of magic” he calls “supernatural”... Read More


The Contingency Argument for God

Many consider the argument for God from contingency to be one of the strongest. The basic... Read More

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It’s That Simple: The First Cause and Occam’s Razor

One objection to First Cause arguments is that they make superfluous attributions: surely... Read More


Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?

Last week I wrote a post here on David Hume, miracles, and the resurrection of Jesus. Some... Read More


David Hume, Miracles, and the Resurrection

Most Catholics and atheists agree that if God does not exist, then the material world must... Read More


Scientific Geniuses and Their Jesuit Collaborators

Herbert Butterfield, the influential twentieth-century historian, identified the Scientific... Read More


The Common Consent Argument for God

This proof for God is in some ways like the argument from religious experience and in other... Read More


The Human Strain

In his dark 1977 novel Lancelot, novelist Walker Percy brings us into the walls of a mental... Read More


Popular News Site Claims Jesus Never Existed

An article titled "5 Reasons to Suspect that Jesus Never Existed" was posted last week at... Read More


The Stillbirth of Science in Arabia

NOTE: Today we wrap up our weekly series of essays by Dr. Stacy Trasancos on the "stillbirths"... Read More

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If Everything Requires a Cause, What Caused God?

W. Norris Clarke’s article, “A Curious Blind Spot in the Anglo-American Tradition of Antitheistic... Read More