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The Historical Argument for God


The argument from history is both stronger and weaker than the other arguments for the existence of God. It is stronger because its data (its evidence) are some facts of history, things that have happened on this planet, rather than principles or ideas. People are more convinced by facts than by principles. But it is weaker because the historical data amount only to strong clues, not to deductive proofs. The argument from history is the strongest psychologically with most people, but it is not the logically strongest argument. It is like footprints in the sands of time, footprints made by someone great enough to be God. There... Read More

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Can We Know God’s Existence with Certainty?

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From Atheist Professor to Catholic: An Interview with Dr. Holly Ordway

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What is a Soul?

What is a soul? Or to be more precise, what is a human soul?  Or to be even more precise,... Read More


On the So-Called “Choice-in-Dying”

By now you’ve probably heard of the tragic story of Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old woman... Read More


God, Professors, and Evolutionary Biology Classes

Professor David P. Barash recently wrote an opinion column in the New York Times titled... Read More

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Does the Shroud of Turin Prove God?

I've written here at Strange Notions in the past about miracles and skepticism, and about... Read More


How to Find God (in Six Not-So-Easy Steps)

I regularly get emails from people who say that they've been seeking God, but haven't found... Read More

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Revisiting the Argument from Motion

One of the unintended but happy consequences of the emergence of the new atheism is a renewed... Read More


The Efficient Causality Argument for God

All people notice that some things cause other things to be (to begin to be, to continue to... Read More

Angry God

Orwellian Analytics: Christians, Atheists, and Bad Statistics

A recent Live Science press release, titled “Believers Leave Punishment to Powerful God,”... Read More