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Atheism and the Personal Pronoun

Iron Man

The overwhelming majority of atheists today are also materialists. Ousting God implies an evacuation of all things “spiritual,” leaving behind only blind, brute, bits of matter. Whichever one arrives at first—whether materialism or atheism—is really inconsequential; one usually follows the other. Concerning galaxies and stars, materialism seems unthreatening. After all, these are material, natural phenomena that we can understand, explain, and model according to material causes; there’s nothing supernatural about supernovas. But when atheistic-materialism trains its lens upon the human person, something quite puzzling... Read More


Why Having a Heart of Gold is Not What Christianity is About

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Science Reveals Who We Are is Determined by How We Are

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Why the Church is Ahead of Mathematicians on Ecumenical Dialogue

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Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

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The Real War on Science

A Google search returns about 350,000 hits for “war on science.” Glancing through the... Read More


Divine Hiddenness and Human Disclosure

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What Questions Do You Have for Catholics and Atheists?

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The Challenge of Ontological Disproofs

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Monogenism or Polygenism?: The Question of Human Origins

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Knowing an Ape from Adam

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